Lindsey – Bowfishing for Gar

On the Trinity River in Texas you can bowfish for all kinds of gar. You’ve got the Alligator Gar, the long nose gar, the spotted gar, and even a hybrid gar. (insert Bubba from Forest Gumps voice) You can eat these fish by frying them up, puttin em in your gumbo, baking them, or heck I bet you can even eat them raw just watch out for the scales because they are like razor blades.
I had the time of my life bowfishing with the Hooks and Arrows team and Mary and Aaron Roberts of Trophy Chick Apparel.
This was my very first time getting to do something like this. I’ve always wanted to but was never presented with the opportunity. Mary Roberts invited me to join them while I was down in Texas for my sisters Wedding. I am so glad that I went!
Bowfishing in my opinion looks harder than it actually is. Mike my husband said aim a little low and that’s about it. For better tips other than just aiming low you can look at but I think I did pretty well for my first time shooting around 10 gars in the two days we fished. There were several other species of fish that I shot at just never got, such as grass carp and buffalo carp also different kinds of drum. You wouldn’t believe the big boys(gar) we saw rolling on the water, it was so amazing! I am now and forever a bowfishing addict. I feel so blessed to of met so many nice people on this trip while having the time of my life. I would recommend this sport to anyone who loves to fish and loves to shoot a bow. This is a must to put on your bucket list. You can see more of our trip on my page, Mary Roberts or Hooks and Arrows Adventures page. We will also be coming out with a DVD for your entertainment :)
Lindsey Marrow - Bowfishing
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  1. This is what I’m talkin about! Nice job.

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