A Dove Watch – Anna

It’s been a long time since my husband and I have been on a good dove shoot. I hope to change that one day, but last year, we, along with the other members of the hunting club, planned to hunt […]

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Why Won’t You Answer My Call – Lindsey

Coyotes…..I’ve been a callin….and in fact I called several times from several locations and no answer!  Me? A stalker? But of course! Last weekend the family and I went a callin. We did several different sets before the weather got nasty and […]


Never Give Up: Part II – Anna

I had almost given up….again!  My sweet husband knew I was discouraged.  He could see it in my face and body language, but he didn’t’ want me to give up. The season was nearing to a close, and I had […]


What Christmas Means to Us – Beth & Anna

What is the true meaning of Christmas? As a child I thought it was all about Santa Claus.  I would go and sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what all I wanted. Once, I even ran away because he […]


Red Bull Meets Rudolph – Maggie

This is the extent of my deer season.  I really don’t get a chance to hunt much in the fall now because this time of year is really busy at Elite Archery, so rather than using my bow…fate decided I […]


Coyotes and Deer Hunters – Katie

In New Hampshire we have the Eastern Coyote, which recent genetic research has attributed the eastern coyote’s larger size and unique behavioral characteristics to interbreeding with Canadian gray wolves.  They are around 30-50 pounds and more and more hunters have been […]

foggy morning

Hunting Update – Anna

Wow! This has been a VERY busy hunting season! I’ve been hunting my tooshie off! I’ve been going on weekends morning and night and then a few days during the week after work.  I’ve seen several deer at the beginning of bow […]

Beth Lee

VIDEO: One of The Twins – Beth

Here is a little guy that frequents this stand every day!  ~Beth Lee~