Our great partner, Antler King has new products out for 2013.  Check them out.

Antler King Slam DunkAntler King’s SLAM DUNK All Fall Hunt Plot. 

SLAM DUNK is designed to attract and hold deer on your property ALL FALL.  The special varieties of Antler King brand Forage peas and Buckwheat can be early Fall food sources, whereas the Antler King brand Radishes and Forage Rape can be highly sought after later season food sources.  Because life is too short to plant anything other than Antler King products!







As an absentee landowner, I was always concerned about trespassers.  NOT ANYMORE!  These new signs in Antler King orange will scare potential trespassers.  When trespassers realize that if they trespass, they may get their photo taken with hidden cameras, they will pass on trespassing on your land.

“I own land over an hour away from my home, about 2 weeks after posting my farm with these new signs, a neighbor stopped by when I was down at the farm.  he pointed towards one of these signs and mentioned that he had heard from another neighbor that I had so many cameras up on my land that if a worm would wiggle anywhere on my farm , I would get a clear picture of it. ”  I knew immediately that these signs had the exact immediate impact that I was hoping for!  Needless to say, Trespassing has NOT been a problem!  Todd Stittleburg / Antler King Trophy Products Inc.

-durable Heavy Duty Aluminum signs

-can last 10 years or more

-10″ by 15″  signs that really stand out and let trespassers no that you mean business!

Check us out at www.antlerking.com.